Ira Karas, Esq., is Counsel with the General Counsel’s office for Madison Commercial Real Estate Services (MCRES), which offers a comprehensive suite of real estate services. In particular, Mr. Karas is responsible for ensuring that Madison Title Agency, an affiliate of MCRES, is in compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies. Mr. Karas’ area of expertise includes the detailed rules and regulations of over thirty individual states in which Madison Title is licensed. He is responsible for disseminating updates for the policies within each state. In addition, Mr. Karas assists MCRES’s General Counsel in a wide of legal matters including real estate law, corporate issues and §1031 exchange transactions.

Mr. Karas holds a Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law in Camden, NJ, and previously earned his Bachelors Degree at Beth Medrash Govoha. He is an active member of the NJ State Bar Association.

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